Anonymous Luncurkan #OpUSA Tanggal 7 Mei 2013, Hacker Indonesia Ikut Berpartisipasi

Seluruh dunia sudah paham betul bagaimana #OpIsrael yang diluncurkan oleh Anonymous merupakan serangan cyber yang paling massive di dunia. Ratusan website pemerintahan, bank dan berbagai organisasi di Israel dilucuti, beberapa diantaranya di deface. Selain itu, anonymous juga mengambil data-data rahasia.

Catat tanggal penting ini : 7 Mei 2013. Di tanggal itu, dipimpin langsung oleh Mauritanian Attacker – pendiri Mauritania HaCker Team, mantan anggota ZHC, pendiri Teamr00t dan anggota AnonGhost Team – akan diluncurkan operasi yang bersandi #OpUSA. Ini adalah cyber attack kolosal ke berbagai situs pemerintahan Amerika Serikat. Operasi cyber hacker ini dikabarkan akan jauh lebih besar dari #OpIsrael. Hacktivist ini mengklaim melakukan serangan untuk membalas “war crimes in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan”.

Saya jadi ingat ketika Wildan, Hacker/Defacer amatir dari Jember, yang mengubah halaman depan situs ditangkap. Anonymous juga melancarkan serangan cyber terhadap berbagai situs pemerintah di Indonesia. Puluhan situs pemerintah tumbang dalam waktu satu hari. Untungnya serangan solidaritas itu tidak sampai meretas situs-situs finansial.

Diatas adalah sebuah video yang sudah diunggah di YouTube oleh N4m3le55 Cr3w yang ditujukan kepada Presiden Obama sebagai bentuk press release mengenai operasi ini. Berikut perkataan dari video tersebut :

Greetings Obama and USA citizens. We are the N4m3le55 Cr3w. Anonymous will make sure that’s this May 7th will be a day to remember. On that day anonymous will start phase one of operation USA. America you have committed multiple war crimes in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and recently you have committed war crimes in your own country. You have killed hundreds of innocent children and families with drones, guns, and now bombs. America you have hit thousands of people where it hurts them, now it is our time for our Lulz. For this you shall pay. Obama you have seen the over three billion dollars worth of damage we have done to Israel in operation Israel. It hasn’t even been a few weeks and the anonymous collective has gotten stronger since then. Therefore we will not tread lightly as you have not treaded lightly. You say “my fellow Americans”, we scream fuck that shit! It’s time to let the people know you got to go. It has been said if you don’t stand for something you will fall for anything, that is why you have caused the down fall of many. You lie to our mask and everybody face. Get your face and propaganda off our TV and keep your filthy hands off other countries dollar bills. Anonymous can’t take it anymore, America you make the whole world fucking Ill. Most people steal with a gun to their face, Obama you steal with a pen and stack of papers. You make the laws just to fuck the world daily and the break the laws you make saying “fuck you, pay me”. You have tried to take the people of your nation second amendment rights and freedom of speech. When you took your throne you promised to fight for constitutional rights yet did the opposite. With the words you play you paint a picture for the masses that they must obey. President Barack Obama its more like Saddam Osama dropping bombs like coronas, killing kids with your drones. Who gave you the right to flip the switch on innocents, you don’t give a shit cuz it’s money to you isn’t it? Anonymous is speaking it’s mind, don’t try to blind the worlds eyes. We have a voice that we will use, you tried to take from us with the power you abused. You will lose that power by the time anonymous is done with your nation. Your intentions are I’ll in aim. The internet hate machine has came from our shadows shining light on corruption and having Lulz, and now united states of America, you are in the cross hairs of anonymous. Don’t expect us because we have already started our Lulz. Mrs Obama you really should of hidden your social security better. And to the American people we suggest switching your bank accounts from a big bank to a local union. We promised to take Israel off the cyber map. We succeeded. We will now wipe you off the cyber map. Do not take this as a warning. You can not stop the internet hate machine from doxes, DNS attacks, defaces, redirects, ddos attacks, database leaks, and admin take overs. Greetings to AnonGhost, Mauritania hackers, Ajax team, Muslim liberation army, ZHC, antisec, lulzsec, Redhat, team poison reborn and any other hackers joining operation USA.

Sementara itu, rombongan hackers yang sudah mengkonfirmasi keikutsertaan dalam serangan ini adalah :

# AnonGhost Team : Mauritania Attacker, Virusa Worm, SpitFir3, Man Sykez, Deto Beiber, BL4ckc0d1n6, K4C3 Undetected, SAW-19, Sky Lion, Kais Patron, Ian Surgent, Gbs Aremiey, B0o3nAs, Mr Domoz, Netlover, Tak Dikenal, Hije

# TheHackersArmy : Tha Rude

# Mauritania HaCker Team : Mauritania Attacker, Deto Beiber, BØo ?nAs, Java Jee, Scrypts Sniper

# Moroccan Hackers : BilalSbXtra, Dr.SaMiM-008, SAW-19, T-V!rus, Morrocan Inj?ctor


# Ajaxteam : HUrr!c4nE

# MLA : Hitcher

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  1. Waduh sayangnya saya tidak ada yang kenal dengan mereka Pak Wien.. Malah kepingin kenal dengan orang-orang seperti mereka… hehehe

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