1200+ Inspirasi Dasyat AdCopy Facebook Ads Yang Bisa Dipakai Langsung Saat Ini Juga

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Karena lagi rame Facebook Ads, saya jadi inget dulu pernah download ebook (gratis) yang isinya daging semua. Buat yang akan memulai FB Ads untuk promosi produk CPA atau ClickBank pasti akan sangat tertolong oleh apa yang akan saya posting di bawah ini.

Baca juga : Facebook Ads Adalah Mengenai Keakuratan Segmentasi Pasar

Postingan bawah ini hasil riset dari WhatAdsWork.com yang berjudul Killer Facebook Ads. Pernah dibagiin gratis di STM, jadi saya pikir gak papa lah di posting disini buat pegangan teman-teman juga. WhatAdsWork adalah salah satu platform spying untuk FB Ads, terutama untuk mobile. Saya sih nggak nyaranin buat anda copy paste apa yang ada disini. Lebih baik di modifikasi.

Selamat menikmati :


1. 100 Days To Being Thin
Extra weight depressing you? Kick it off like last night’s pants. Here’s the skinny:

2. Best Dating Tips Ever
Want Mr. Right but keep getting Mr. Wrong? Find your Prince Charming with these tips:

3. How to Lift Weights
Muscles don’t grow by themselves. Get ripped with our step-by-step weight training guide:

4.A Sexy Body in 30 Days
Flab? Nope. Tight pants? Outta here. Sexy body? Well, hello there! Click to find out how:

5.The #1 Myth About Cleaning
Tired of back-breaking vacuuming? Want a clean house for cheap? Check out our great rates:

6. Best Tax Tips Ever
The I.R.S. doesn’t want you to know these tax secrets! Save money legally with these tips:

7. How To Win Her Love
Stop agonizing about her and start laughing with her. She wants you too! Check out how:

8. 3 Reasons to Carpool
Nobody likes driving to work. Why pay double? Find carpoolers in your area. Click here:

9. 100 Days to A Great Smile
Want shining teeth and beautiful gums without spending a fortune? Brush with this:

10. 3 Things You Do Wrong
Dating isn’t easy, but these habits are killing your love life. Surprised? Here’s why:

11. How To Tackle Your Bills
Late fees again? Stop paying for your mistakes by using this easy trick. Here’s a peek:

12. The #1 Myth About Cooking
Cooking takes hours, right? WRONG! Eat quick, delicious meals with these recipes:

13.How to beat traffic?
Stop spending your days stuck on the road. Get where you’re going, now. Download our app!

14. The #1 Myth About Gas $$$
You’re paying too much to gas up. Trust us. Find the cheapest gas in your area, now:

15. Best Exercise Tips Ever
No time? No problem. Get fit in record time without spending $$$. Download our app:

16. 3 Words You Need to Say
It’s not “I love you.” But these 3 words will set your love life on fire. They’re here:

17. 3 Ways to Ace The Test
Boning up for the ACT? The SAT? The GRE? We’ve got the hot & fast tricks to acing them:

18.The #1 Myth About Sex
It’s not size. It’s not your car. Could it be…your eyes? We didn’t believe it either:

19. 100 Days to $$$
Tired of just making ends meet? Triple your money in three months. Check out our tips:

20. How to Beat Exhaustion
Can’t sleep at night? We feel you. But by following this trick, you’ll sleep like a baby:


How to <goal>?
100 Days To Being Thin
The #1 Myth About _____
Best _____ Tips Ever
How To Win Her Love
3 Reasons to ______
100 Days to A Great Smile
3 Things You Do Wrong
<benefit> basics
<goal> basics
_______ of the year
One of a kind
Explode your ______
Reduce your _______
Get paid to ________
________ freedom
_______ just got easier
How to ______
A Sexy Body in 30 Days
How To Tackle Your Bills
3 Words You Need to Say
How to beat _____
Collection of ________
Time Tested
______ resistant
Dare To <goal>
Need To <goal>?


1. <no.> powerful methods to <person> who want to <benefit>
2. <no.> instant working methods
3. <no.> ways to <benefit> and <goal>
4. <no.> ways to <goal> in <timeframe>
5. Building the best <goal>
6. End your worst nightmare now with <no.> sure-fire methods to <benefit>
7. <no.> secrets that only the smart knows
8. <no.> misconceptions about <problem>
9. <no.>misconceptions about <goal>
10. <no.> misconceptions about <benefit>
11. Boost your <goal> by 5 times
12. <no.> of secrets to <goal>
13. Developing the potential to <goal> in you in 2 weeks
14. <no.> important tips to allow you to be <goal>
15. Discover the path to <goal>
16. Discover the truths of <benefit>
17. Discover the secrets of <problem> and overcome them
18. The truth about <benefit>
19. The truth about <problem> you are kept away from till now
20. Imagine you can achieve <goal> in 2 weeks
21. Imagine you can <benefit> in just <timeframe>
22. Imagine you can <benefit> and <goal>
23. At last, you will find out how to <benefit>
24. At last, you will find out how to <benefit> and <goal> in <timeframe>
25. <no.> new tips to <benefit>
26. <no.> new tips to overcome <problem>
27. <no.> new tips to get <goal> within <timeframe>
28. Build your <goal> during recession
29. Harness the secret to <benefit>
30. Harness the secret to <benefit> and <goal> within the next minute
31. How you can transform your life with <benefit>
32. How you can turn your life 180degree with <benefit>
33. <no.> free <benefit> that allow you to <goal>
34. How to <goal> effortlessly
35. How to <goal> and <benefit> in <timeframe> effortlessly
36. Master the <no.> ways to <goal>
37. Master the <no.> ways to <goal> and <benefit> in just <timeframe>
38. The best way to <goal>
39. The best way to <goal> and <benefit>
40. How to stop <problem> with <no. of steps>
41. How to stop <problem> with <no. of steps> in <timeframe>
42. Your shortcut to gain <benefit>
43. Your shortcut to <goal> and <benefit> in <timeframe>
44. Your shortcut to turn your <problem> into <goal>
45. Encounter <no. of steps> to <goal>
46. Encounter the easiest and simplest way to <benefit> and <goal>
47. Encounter the <no.> methods you can use immediately to <benefit>
48. Announcing <no. of ways> you can <benefit>
49. Announcing <no. of ways> you can <benefit> and <goal> easily
50. <no.> types of different methods you can <benefit>
51. Unlock the <no.> secret to <benefit>
52. Unlock the <no.> secret to <goal> and <benefit> in just <timeframe>
53. The top <no.> reasons to <problem>
54. The top <no. of steps> to <benefit> and <goal>
55. The top <no. of steps> to <benefit> and <goal> with <timeframe>
56. Should you still continue to <goal>?
57. Best <no.> tips for <person> to <goal> instantly
58. Are you protecting yourself from <problem>?
59. Looking for <benefit>? Simply read on
60. Improving the <benefit> for <person>
61. The rise of <benefit> and <goal>
62. Top opportunities to <goal> and <benefit> by <timeframe>
63. The do’s and don’ts of <goal>
64. <goal> and the importance of it
65. <benefit> and the importance of it
66. Cheapest way to <benefit>
67. Cheapest way to <goal> and <benefit>
68. The fundamentals when it comes to <goal>
69. The <no.> fundamental tips when it comes to <goal> and <benefit>
70. <no.> extra <goal> ideas
71. <no.> steps guide to <benefit>
72. <no.> steps guide to <goal>
73. <no.> reasons why you need <benefit>
74. <no.> reasons why you need to <goal> and <benefit>
75. <no.> breakthrough in <benefit>
76. <no.> breakthrough in <goal> and <benefit>
77. An introduction to <benefit>
78. An introduction to <goal> and <benefit>
79. <no.> creative ideas to <goal>
80. Why you are not <benefit>
81. <no.> guides to successful <goal>
82. <no.> razor-sharp guides for <goal> and <benefit>
83. <no.> truths about <goal> you should know
84. One secret of that they will never let you know
85. Starting <goal> with only a small budget
86. The biggest secret that will cement your <goal> success
87. Can an extra $1000 a month help improve your lifestyle?
88. Why even “beginners” are able to use_________
89. How to use the secret of ________ to__________
90. The one basic secret of _______
91. How to easily pull off _________
92. Why it’s actually more simple (and profitable) to _______
93. How to get better (and faster) results than___________
94. A dirt-cheap, simple do-it-yourself _______that gives you ________
95. A “lazy man’s” ______ way to ______
96. Secret “2-minute” ______ techniques (that’s all it takes!) that
97. New (and simple) ______ that actually ________
98. Exactly how and what to _______
99. Detailed strategies to _______
100. Little-known secrets that can steer you to tremendous ______
101. 6 too-simple-to-pass-up ways to _______
102. 3 “no brainer” ways to ______
103. <no.> steps to be <benefit>
104. <no.> important tools to <goal>
105. Top <no.> facts about <benefit>
106. Myths about <goal>
107. The #1 myth about <benefit>
108. The #1 myth about <problem>
109. <no.> rules to control <goal>
110. <no.> tips to be <goal/benefit>
111. <no.> sure-win methods to <goal>
112. <no.> strategies I learned from <benefit>
113. The <no.> different ways to <goal>
114. Simple <no.> methods to <goals>
115. For those with burning desire: A <benefit>
116. <no.> essential skills <person> should learn
117. Create the habit of <benefit> and <goal>
118. The <problem> that crush us
119. Your top <no.> questions on <problem>, answered
120. Your top <no.> queries on <benefit>, answered
121. Your top <no.> confusions on <goal>, answered
122. Clearing your <problem> for <event>
123. How to tackle <problem>?
124. How to have the <benefit>?
125. How to have the best <goal> and <benefit> in <timeframe>
126. The <goal> challenge: transform your <problem> in <timeframe>
127. A compact guide to <benefit>
128. A compact guide to your <problem> and turn it into your <goal>
129. The essential <goal> habits
130. <no.> tips for beating the <problem> habits
131. 100 days to <goal>
132. The secret rule of changing <benefit>
133. <no.> simple steps to <goal> from any passion
134. <no.> simple principles for becoming <goal>
135. <no.> simple principles for <benefit> and <goal>
136. The <no.> habits of <benefit>
137. The silliness of <problem>
138. The rules of <goal>
139. How I changed my life, with <no. of steps>
140. <no.> little things that make <goal> effortless
141. Becoming a god of <goal>
142. Becoming a god of learning <benefit>
143. How to <benefit> more: A <goal> guide
144. The <benefit> that will change your life
145. <no.> ways to turn <problem> into <goal>
146. <no.> shortcuts to finding your <goal>
147. Best <problem> tips ever
149. <no.> clear reasons to <goal> and <benefit> in <timeframe>
150. The <no.> principles of a <benefit>
151. The amazing power of being <goal>
152. The Tao of <benefit>
153. The <no.> productivity tips from a <benefit> master
154. <no.> simple <benefit> fundamentals
155. When willpower is trumped by <problem>
156. Simple daily habits to ignite your passion to <goal>
157. <no.> life lessons from a reluctant <person>
158. <no.><benefit> lessons for <person>
159. <goal>: <no.> ideas for more <benefit>
160. Finally, the truth about <benefit>
161. Finally, the truth about <problem>
162. Simple <goal> and <benefit> for lazy people
163. How to be <goal> at any age
164. The myth of <goal>
165. <no.> simple tips to deal with <problem> people
166. The really simple way to get <benefit>
167. The really simple way to get <goal> and <benefit> in <timeframe>
168. Get started: From <problem> to <goal>
169. The small-scale approach to <goal>
170. <no.> of lessons I’ve learnt in <no.> years
171. Breaking free from <problem>
172. The little guide to un-<problem>
173. Surround yourself with <goal> people
174. <no.> mindfulness rituals to <goal>
175. <no.> mindfulness rituals to <benefit>
176. The simplest cure for <problem>
177. <benefit>: How to <goal>
178. Can’t find a perfect <goal>. Create your own
179. <behavior> like <person>: The first step to <goal>
180. The spiral of <goal>
181. <no.> quick tips to identify <problem>
182. The little book of <problem> remedies
183. The importance of enjoying <benefit>
184. How to be <goal> and still <benefit>
185. <no.> creative ways to avoid becoming <problem>
186. The absolute beginner guide to <benefit>
187. The complete beginner’s guide to <goal>
188. The elements of <goal>
189. <no.> ways for <person> to avoid <problem> and <benefit>
190. <no.> ways to combat <problem>
191. How to master the art of <goal>
192. How I became <goal> in about a day
193. How to be <goal>, in under <no. of words>
194. Awesome new eBook on <benefit>
195. The truth about _, weekly, etc whether your goal _ or _.
196. Why _, and _ have almost nothing to do with getting _ and _.
197. How to _____on the Web astonishingly fast – and _____
198. Why you could just be one pay check away from financial disaster!
199. 5 steps you can take right now to _!
200. Zero In On The Most Lucrative _ In Minutes.
201. Why You Should Almost Never Use Joint Tenancy To Own Your Assets!
202. Needless _ Later On!
203. 78% Of The TOP _ Shared The EXACT Same Values!
204. You don’t need to create your own _…
205. You don’t need to create a _!
206. You don’t need to build a list of customers…
207. There is ABSOLUTELY NO _ involved!
208. How to boost _ by up to 30-50%!
209. How to Eliminate _ without the use of _.
210. Unleash your body’s natural ability to _ from _!
211. Enjoy more free time by knowing _, so you know exactly _.
212. Get instant access to _ that are proven to work
213. Never have to worry about _, _, _ or anything like that, ever again.
214. Baby sleep tricks you haven’t tried yet
215. How you can tell he’s _
216. Automatically_____all of your _____!
217. 20 beauty cheapies for under $10
218. Plain women who attract _– what have they got?
219. Get happy! Ditch the five things that _
220. Trying for _? A _? How _ can help
221. How to permanently lock your _ into “_”… so you’ll never be _
222. cool _
223. Bad _? Can’t _? It’s not your fault — here’s why, page XX
224. The secret weight-loss spice
225. Broken _ — the new _
226. things _ should do before they _
227. The very best way to _
228. A smart way to _
229. What _won’t tell you
230. How anyone can _____ to _____.
231. How to secretly _____ and fill it with your _____
232. Get the absolute most powerful form of _____you’ve ever discovered.
233. A _____for earning _____ – _____more from _____ by _____!
234. How to get _____ busting their guts trying to promote your _____.
235. How To _____By _____
236. Are your _ healthy? Know your risk
237. How to take _____ of _____just like the professionals do!
238. Harness the secret _____ for _____.
239. Learn the _____to manifesting _____
240. How To Turn _____ Into _____
241. _____And _____Your Way To _____ How to put your _____ on _____
242. How to turn any _ in any _into a “_” where you can _ without _!
243. How to SUCCEED beyond your wildest dreams in _ in five easy steps –
244. What to write on a cheap little postcard that will make people _!
245. How to create winning _____ in any business and create massive profits
246. How to stay extremely _____ at all times…no matter what!
247. 9/10 _ completely overlook.
248. Effective use of _____for _____.
249. How to _____without _____.
250. Discover the secret _____for _____.
251. 2 FREE services that can triple _.
252. How to _____ with _____.Using _____to _____.
253. Plus how to _____ to start _____ with _____.
254. How to build_____ among _____ to keep them_____.
255. How to quickly _____online!
256. The TWO SECRETS everyone has to know before they can succeed as _
257. How to _____ without lifting a finger.
258. How to create instant _____ at the drop of a hat.
259. How to use your _____ to _____ draw _____ like a powerful magnet
260. thank you for it!
261. How to _____ from *passive* _____ who barely even try to _____.
262. How to skilfully enter the _____of your _____ so that they will _____.
263. 9/10 _ owners completely overlook.
264. How to dazzle people with hypnotic _____that make them _____
265. We are offering ____ for just $___, for a limited time only!
266. You don’t have to say a YES or NO. Just MAYBE.
267. Don’t think. Don’t wonder. Just try us out.
268. Test drive ______ for the next 90 days after your purchase
269. There’s nothing else out there quite like ______
270. “Give Us 3 Days And We’ll Teach You How To Easily Crush the <niche>!”
271. Even a person with low IQ can do…
272. You will want to know…
273. You never know this happens…
274. He did it in just 5 days…
275. This guy just makes a five figures income in 12 hours….
276. This fellow is earning more than his parents with only…
277. This is what you do not know…
278. The secrets behind $100k…
279. You thought it is a joke…
280. You will be dreaming for this…
281. From bankrupt to millionaire in 3 months…
282. This is why so many people suffering…
283. He has multiple streams of income from…
284. He did it with only 3 hours of work…
285. A father makes 6 figures income after learning…
286. The real <benefit> that only <no. of %> people in the world know…
287. This could be crucial information that you lacked…
288. Be careful! This is going to be mind-opening…
289. Have you tried hard enough at your <skill>
290. Do you need expert assistance in…
291. Don’t you think you need <assist>
292. I was suppose to tell you more about <benefits>
293. Just before I missed out, this is your <benefit >
294. Still haven’t made your <action>?
295. Have you started your <plan>?
296. You might have been <benefit> have you not miss <my offer>
297. you might miss out <something> but it is never too late to <purchase>
298. Are you still struggling with…
299. Have you waited long enough?
300. In case you’re asking,…
301. This might stir your interest.
302. Just too kindly remind you that <offer>
303. Just in case you might have forgotten, <offer>
304. we would like to remind you that our <offer> ends <date>
305. Do you know that you can < remind benefit>
306. Before the chance is gone:
307. What if I told you that you can <benefit>
308. We want you to <success>, so we have a special offer for you.
309. How would you want to <benefit>
310. In order to see your success, we would like to …
311. As you know, <skill> is one of the most important asset
312. Never miss the offer of <product>
313. It pays to be early.
314. Just to make sure you don’t miss this…
315. Just to make sure you are aware of the offer
316. In case you wonder, this time limited offer…
317. The last time this was released, it was…
318. If <he/she> can success, so can you
319. So have you decided living the kind of life you dream of?
320. By the way, this might help you <benefit>
321. By the way why don’t you try out this <product>
322. If you have been thinking of getting started, don’t miss out…
323. Let me show you how you can <achieve dream>
324. You were supposed to be told the whole truth about….
325. What if your product is the next Gangbusters in the <market>?
326. What if your tomorrow will never be the same as yesterday anymore?
327. What if you can solve your long-entangled problem in the next hour?
328. What if you can buy your dream house and ride you could ever dream of?
329. What if you can Double your <benefit> in your next <encounter>?
330. What if your profit soar through the roof in your next <encounter>?
331. What if next you’re the One laugh your way to the bank and no others?
332. The <niche\product> allow you to go on vacation anytime you want
333. Taking part in the <niche> will allow you to spend more time with family
334. Thinking about all the <benefit> you will get with our <product>
335. This investment will pay off continuously for many years to come
336. Get rid of your <problem> in a click of the mouse
337. This proven secret will turn your <> life around immediately
338. Learn the ultimate secret to <action > the <problem>
339. What if you too can out your testimony in this page
340. Give me 5 days and you might make $….
341. Remember, our <product> can make you <benefit> today, not in 30 days.
342. Once you have it, you can <benefit>. It is as easy as 1 2 3.
343. We will reward you with <benefit> if you take action now
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345. For the next 72 hours you will get 95% off
346. The proven blueprint can help you <benefit>
347. This Amazing secret will skyrocket your <profit > in <time>
348. With my 4 weeks course you will definitely <benefit>
349. With this ultra class < product> sure you will <benefit>
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352. Let us help you <benefit> and enjoy the life of your dream
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354. You can take full advantage of <niche> right now before it is too late
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360. What if <benefit> is yours Free just for saying “yes” to
361. This simple <product > will help you <benefit> in 2 weeks
362. Within 10 days from today you could be <benefit>
363. What if knowing <niche> will help you take a giant step in <progress>
364. This will help you learn about <niche> in 10min
365. Knowing <skill> will allow you to experience the wonder of….
366. Mastering <skill> will equip you an edge in <market>
367. This will allow you to learn the astonishing truth in <time>
368. Master the <niche> will unleash your ultimate taken and imagination
369. This will lead you to the kind of <life> you have only dreamed of
370. Knowing <skill> will make you feel brand new
371. <time> after knowing will allow you to indulge in <benefit>
372. Mastering <niche> will open dozens of money-making opportunities
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377. this unrevealing truth will earn you <benefit> in your spare time
378. If I don’t show you a proven path to <benefit> you owe me nothing
379. Let me show you how you can accomplish something better in <market>
380. Let me show you how you can <benefit> with my proven path
381. Let me show you how to <benefit> in < recession/ bad time>
382. Once you first identify <benefit> you will success in <market>
383. How To <benefit> …In Less Than <timeframe>
384. Who Else Wants To <benefit> In Only <timeframe>?
385. Who Else Wants To <benefit>And<goal>?
386. <no Of Steps/tips> To <benefit>
387. To People Who Want To <benefit> — But Can’t Get Started
388. To Men Who Want To <benefit> — But Can’t Get Started
389. To Women Who Want To <benefit> — But Can’t Get Started
390. Thousands Now <benefit> Who Never Thought They Could
391. Great New Discovery Helps You <benefit>
392. Great New Discovery Helps You <benefit> In Less Than <timeframe>
393. Here’s A Quick Way To <benefit>
394. What Everybody Should Know… About How To <benefit>
395. Free Book… Tells You <no Of Steps/tips> To <benefit>
396. <benefit> In As Little As <timeframe> With These <no Of Steps/tips>
397. <no Of Steps/tips> To <benefit>
398. <no Of Steps/tips> To <goal>
399. <no Of Steps/tips> TO <benefit> In Just <timeframe>
400. <no Of Steps/tips> To <benefit> And <goal>
401. The Secret Of <goal>
402. The Secret Of <goal> In Just <timeframe>
403. Proven Advice To <benefit> — By An Expert
404. Proven Advice To <benefit> And <goal> — By An Expert
405. You Can Laugh At <benefit> Worries — If You Follow This Simple Plan
406. It Seems Incredible That You Can <benefit> And <goal>
407. It Seems Incredible That You Can <benefit> In Only <timeframe>
408. How I <goal> In Less Than <timeframe>
409. How Often Do You Find Yourself Saying: “I Wish I Knew How To <goal>”
410. You Are Guaranteed To <goal> — Or We Pay You
411. What Everybody Ought To Know — About How To <benefit>
412. The Truth About How To <benefit>
413. The Truth About How To <goal>
414. How To <benefit> Today Starting From Scratch
415. How To <benefit> In Only <timeframe> Starting From Scratch
416. How To <goal> Today Starting From Scratch
417. How To <goal> In Only <timeframe> Starting From Scratch
418. Dare To <benefit>
419. A Startling Fact About How To <benefit>
420. A Startling Fact About How To <goal>
421. A Startling Fact About How To <goal> …In Less Than <timeframe>
422. A Startling Fact About How To <benefit> …In Less Than <timeframe>
423. Need To <benefit>?
424. Are You Willing To Follow <no Of Steps/tips> To <benefit>
425. Are You Willing To Follow <no Of Steps/tips> To <goal>
426. Thousands Now <goal> Who Never Thought They Could
427. Great New Discovery Helps You <goal> In Less Than <timeframe>
428. Here’s A Quick Way To <benefit> In Less Than <timeframe>
429. Here’s A Quick Way To <goal> In Less Than <timeframe>
430. The Shocking Truth About How To <goal>!
431. The Shocking Truth About How To <benefit>!
432. <goal>. It’s No Accident. In <timeframe>, I Can Show You How!
433. Would You Like To <benefit>?
434. Would You Like To <goal>?
435. Look Inside To Discover How To <goal>
436. Here’s <no Of Steps/tips> To <goal>
437. Here’s <no Of Steps/tips> To <benefit>
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911. Are you hungry for <benefit>?
912. Looking for a way to <benefit>?
913. Looking for a way to <goal>? Just read on
914. Want to learn to start <goal> with just $100
915. Hope to beat your procrastination with <benefit> straight away?
916. Interested in <benefit> but don’t know where to start?
917. Interested in <goal> but don’t know where to start?
918. Interested in solving <problem> but don’t know where to start?
919. Are you in for the unique experience to <goal>
920. Are you in for the unique experience to <benefit>
921. Do you want to reap the <benefit> ahead of the rest?
922. Want to know the tricks to <goal> without going school again?
923. Want to know the tricks to <benefit> without going school again?
924. Confuse about <goal> and want to achieve it right away?
925. Confuse about <benefit> and want to achieve it right away?
926. Confuse about <problem> and want to solve it right away?
927. Have you wondered how to <goal>?
928. Have you wondered how to <benefit> and <goal> with ease?
929. Have you wondered if you can <benefit> and <goal> in <timeframe>?
930. Isn’t it time for you to realize your <goal>?
931. Isn’t it time for you to reap <benefit> and move towards your <goal>?
932. Isn’t it time for you to turn your <problem> to <goal>?
933. Did you know that you can learn <benefit> in the next minute?
934. Did you know that you can achieve <goal> and <benefit> in <timeframe>?
935. Did you know the secret to your <problem>?
936. Are you curious about <benefit> and how it will change your life?
937. Are you curious how you can solve <problem> in <timeframe>?
938. Are you curious the way you can <benefit> and <goal> in <timeframe>?
939. Are you still interested in <benefit> and <goal>?
940. Will you be ready for the <no.> powerful ways to <benefit>?
941. Will you be ready to become <goal> and learn <benefit> instantly?
942. Did you ever ask yourself the <problem> you faced every day?
943. Did you ever ask yourself how to <goal> with just 3 simple steps?
944. Have you ever think about the simple way to <goal>?
945. Have you ever think about the solutions to <problem>?
946. Don’t you wish you can <benefit> right away?
947. Don’t you wish you can <goal> and <benefit> in <timeframe>
948. Don’t you wish you can <goal> and solve <problem> at the same time?
949. Don’t you wish you can <benefit> with just <no. of steps>
950. Would you like to <benefit> and <goal> in just <timeframe>?
951. Would you like to find out <benefit> instantly?
952. Wouldn’t you like to learn <benefit> in just <no. of steps>?
953. Wouldn’t you like to find out <no.> powerful guides to <problem>?
954. Don’t you need to know the easiest way to <benefit> and <goal>?
955. Have you ever experience sleepless nights figuring out <problem>?
956. Do you ever stayed up late night thinking about <problem> and <goal>?
957. Do you have a fire in your belly to <goal> and <benefit>?
958. Do you have a burning desire to eliminate <problem>?
959. Do you have a burning desire to be <goal> and <benefit>?
960. Who else wants ____
961. How _______ game ________(how marketers game seo)
962. Top ten _______(top ten seo strategies)
963. _____ tips ______ should really teach
964. The evolution of the ______
965. Who makes money from ______
966. How you can _______ from ______
967. x reasons ____ will lose you ______
968. x ways to ______ by using _________
969. The Secret of____
970. Here’s the method that is helping _____ to _______
971. Little known ways to ______
972. Get rid of _____ once and for all
973. Here’s a quick way to______
974. _____ like_______(dance like Michael Jackson)
975. Have a ____ you can be proud of
976. Build a _____you can be proud of
977. What everyone ought to know about _____
978. What everybody ought to know about ______
979. Is _____better than _______
980. What if you can ______
981. What are the secrets to _______
982. Ways _____ can get you ______
983. ______ who ______(marketers who tweet)
984. Ultimate list of _____ who _____
985. Can you call yourself a ____ if you have _______
986. Why _____will never make _______
987. How to spot a _____on ______
988. x ______ gurus and their advice
989. How to make ______ work for you
990. Get _____ in ______
991. Is your ______ bother you again
992. Will ______change the rules of _______
993. Only one of these tips can help you avoid _______
994. Do you have any idea how much _____ I’ve made with ________
995. How _____ can lead to a ________
996. Is _____the fuel of ______
997. Is the ____ higher on _____?
998. Why your _______should _____ now
999. People who should _____ more
1000. People who should ______ less
1001. People who really should start ______
1002. People who should really stop ______
1003. Is the best thing about _____that it _______?
1004. X of the most stupid _____ ever
1005. What defines a _____ Guru
1006. ______ you absolutely must_______ on ______
1007. What is the ______of ______
1008. How ______can help ______
1009. Ways ______ can help get ______
1010. Why success on ______ is not about the_______
1011. On _______, the _______ is crucial
1012. The greatest _____ since history began
1013. X reason why you should______
1014. X reason why you should never ______
1015. Get ______ with_______(get in shape with product x)
1016. New discovery on ______
1017. Do you make these mistakes in _______
1018. How I improved my _______ in x weeks/months/days
1019. There are 3 types of ______. Which group you belongs to?
1020. To______ who want to _______, but can’t get started.
1021. X reason why It would have paid to use ______ a few months ago
1022. How a simple technique made me a ______
1023. How these simple strategies made me a ______
1024. I’m going to dispel a myth about <niche>
1025. You will be surprised to know how easy to <benefit>
1026. Let’s boost your < benefit> with <product>
1027. I Tripled my profit with <product> in just <time>
1028. Wow my profit soar through the roof after <product>
1029. Simple <skill> multiplied my <profit> manifold
1030. Add a new income stream instantly with <product>
1031. I laughed my way to bank upon discovering <niche>
1032. Save more when you shop with < marketer>
1033. How to reduce your stress by half with <product>
1034. I have sneaky suspicion that this going to be Awesome.
1035. I just wrote my own check <time> upon discovering <niche>
1036. Ever wanted to spend more quality time with your spouse?
1037. Find out how I learned <skill> in <time>
1038. <making money/ learning><skill> is whole lot easier than you think.
1039. The experience is always different when you play
1040. How I put a smile on <her/his> lips
1041. You can also be an expert in <market> in just <time>
1042. you cannot make it a Success without a Successful team behind you.
1043. <niche> “Gurus” helped me achieved <benefit> in just <time>
1044. Let me show you how you can <benefit> in <times>
1045. Just imagine if you can make <benefit> in <time>
1046. how much do you need to retire? It’s worth discussing
1047. Think about all the <benefit> you can get with our <product>
1048. Making <benefit> in < niche> is simple if you know the right way
1049. Let me show you why you worth it.
1050. This investment will continue to pay for many years to come
1051. Their objection melts away upon knowing that <benefit>
1052. $50,000 banked in 2 weeks.
1053. Expert strategies shows how to <benefit>
1054. Time-tested <niche> allows one to <benefit>
1055. Would you want to learn <skill> in <time>?
1056. <niche> is known by many names, but why should I concern?
1057. In less than a year I bought over a house and a car of my dream
1058. The reason many failed in <niche> is because of <problem>
1059. Are you girded of <problem>? I was, then I found this.
1060. Let’s make friends to < niche>
1061. everybody here wants success for all, that why this system works
1062. If you follow the simple steps, you will <benefit> in <market>
1063. Stop daydream and start working.
1064. Work less, play more and travel anywhere you want?
1065. Putting the attraction back into <niche>
1066. You are frustrated because you are not making <progress>?
1067. you are sick and tired of wasting time and money on <niche>
1068. I’m making <amount> per month and I can share with you
1069. Even people with no experience in <niche> will succeed.
1070. Take the first step in faith; you don’t have to see the staircase.
1071. Be different and never give up your passion in <niche>
1072. Success is about getting things done. So let’s start the <niche>
1073. If you want to success and minimize failure, try out < product>
1074. How to invest with your only asset : YOU
1075. How to retire at the age of 30 with <product>
1076. Can you taste the freedom you are about to experience?
1077. _____ is my specialty!
1078. ________: The Complete Guide To ________
1079. A Foolproof Way To _________
1080. A Life Transforming _______
1081. Absolutely no _____ required!
1082. All You’ve Got To Do Is Get This Package, __________!
1083. And it Gets Better Your Satisfaction Is Completely Guaranteed!
1084. And It’s The Same Way With ________
1085. Are There Any Strings Attached?
1086. Are you frustrated by the lack of _____?
1087. But don’t make this fatal mistake:
1088. But the ________ made me drop my jaw!!
1089. But, Really, It’s an incredibly Easy Decision to Make?
1090. By The Time You’re Through Reading This Report, You’ll See:
1091. Catapult Your _________ To A New Level With These Inside Secrets
1092. Checklist For Finding the Right ________
1093. Discover the _____s Little-Known Secret of _____!
1094. Do you ever get stuck when you have to _____?
1095. Here Are Some Of The Other _____ That You Get:
1096. Here Are The Powerful Advantages You’ll Gain From ________
1097. Here’s How To Get Started
1098. Here’s How to Make Sure You Don’t Miss Out?
1099. here’s How To Start ________ Right Away
1100. Here’s My Unconditional ____ Risk Free Guarantee!
1101. Here’s Proof That This __________ Will Work For You
1102. Here’s What you Need To Start __________
1103. HOW A NEW DISCOVERY _____!
1104. How any _____ Can Save _____ In _____
1105. How Can I Be Sure ________ Will Work For Me?
1106. How Easy Is It to Get Started?
1107. How I Raised Myself From Failure To Success In ________
1108. How To ________ By _________
1109. How to ________ in Just _ Hours!
1110. If you want to get ________, you need To Act Now!
1111. Iron Clad 100% Money Back Guarantee
1112. It’s Your Chance To ___________
1113. Just _____ and Let Them Start _____!
1114. Just the Tip Of The Iceberg!
1115. Kidnap An _____ Expert And Force _____ To Tell You ALL _____ Secrets
1116. Learn how to _____ by _____.
1117. Learn the _____ that can make you rich.
1118. Let Me Swing Open The Concealed, Secret Door:
1119. Let’s Do Some _______
1120. Let’s See What Other ________ are saying:
1121. Let’s take a look at ____________
1122. Listen to What Other People Have to Say about __________
1123. Now you can _______ By ________
1124. Now You Can Do It Too!
1125. Now is Your Chance To _________
1126. Of Course, You Have A Lot More Questions?
1127. Oh, And Incidentally, Here Are The ____ Most Important Things To Know
1128. Once You’ve obtained this ________, you Can:
1129. Place Your _____ in Front of Millions!
1130. Plus, Along with the ________ you’ll also get?
1131. Step-By-Step System for ________!
1132. Take Control Of Your ________ Starting Today!
1133. Tell Me More About _______
1134. The #1 that that determines success is __________!
1135. The _________ Strategy That Never Wears Out, Never Loses Its Power
1136. The Components Of ________
1137. The Costly Truth About ________
1138. The Day _______ Arrives Is The Start Of _________
1139. The Ideal Way to Turn Your ________ Into A __________
1140. The Most Outrageous Guarantee Ever!
1141. The New ________ Home Study Course
1142. This ________ Is Your Ticket To Immediately Start _________!
1143. This Is Not Like Anything You’ve Ever Seen Before Now
1144. This Means If You ________ ,You Won’t Have Any _________
1145. This new _______ holds nothing back!
1146. Want More Proof Of How Valuable This Is?
1147. Well, Very Seriously, you have to act now. Because We ________
1148. What does it cost to get involved with _______
1149. What Kind Of Investment Is Required To ________
1150. What Makes This Discovery So Valuable?
1151. What’s The Best About ______
1152. Who Should Get ________?
1153. Why Am I Being So Generous?
1154. Would You Like To _____ More?
1155. You Immediately Get ________
1156. You Really Can’t Afford Not To Invest In This _______!
1157. You’ll Even ________
1158. You’ll Never Find An Easier, Sure-Fire Way To _________
1159. Your ________ Is Everything
1160. Your Direct Route To ____________
1161. Your Success In _______ Is Totally Dependent On _______
1162. You’re cheating yourself out of all the _____________
1163. At last! Handle ________
1164. Best-Kept Secret in _____ Revealed!
1165. By This Time Next Month, You Could Have A ________.
1166. Can You ________ These ________?
1167. Can You Answer The _____Most Important Questions About _____?
1168. Can You Pass This ________ Test?
1169. Can You Really Achieve ________In Todays ________?
1170. Can You Talk About ________ With The Rest Of Them?
1171. Caution: Don’t Let This Program Make You Too ________.
1172. Conquer ________
1173. Dare To Be ________
1174. Depression-Proof ________
1175. Did You Know That Most _____ Actually Destroys _____?
1176. Discover The ________ Available To You From The
1177. Discover The Unlimited Opportunities Of ________
1178. Discover Your Hidden ________
1179. Don’t Let ________
1180. Don’t Envy The ________ — Be One
1181. Every ________ Should Have One
1182. Enhance Your Power To ________
1183. Enjoy _____-And Better _____!
1184. Get Out Of ________
1185. Going to ________ You Like You’ve Never ________.
1186. Have You Envied ________?
1187. Have You Ever Seen A ________?
1188. Here’s a Quick Way to ________
1189. How ________ Are Made
1190. How ________ Averages $____ Working _ Months A Year
1191. How ________ Came to ________
1192. How To ________ In Hard Times
1193. How To ________ Overnight
1194. How To ________ With A Simple Idea
1195. How to ________ Without ________
1196. How You Can You Profit From The _______
1197. I Found A ________ That Works – Period
1198. I Have All The ________ I Need. How About You?
1199. I Help People ________!
1200. I Thought I Was A Big Success Until I Talked With ________.
1201. If You ________, You’ll Love Our ________
1202. If You Are ________, You Can ________
1203. If You Buy One ________ This Decade, This Should Be It
1204. If You Can ________ – You Can ________!
1205. If You Can Answer These Questions, You Don’t Need This ________
1206. If You Ever Wanted To ________…Now You Can
1207. Is It Immoral To _____ This Easily??
1208. Is Keeping Your _____ Worth ___ Cents A Day?
1209. IS YOUR _______ WORTH _______ BUCKS?
1210. Is Your _______ Safe against _______? Take This Test To Find Out
1212. It ________ While It ________
1213. Is _______ Worse Than A Root Canal?
1214. It’s Easier Than You Think To ________
1215. It’s Easy To Cash In ________
1216. It’s Easy To Cash In On Your Amazing ________
1217. It’s Not Just What You Know about A ________ – Its ________, too.
1218. It’s Not What You ________…But ________
1219. It’s Time for You to know the ________!
1220. Keeps _____ From Stealing YOUR _____
1221. Keys to ________? For ________
1222. Know How To ________
1223. Learn From A Team Of Top ________
1224. Learn How And Where To ________
1225. Learn To _______ Like A _______!
1226. Let Me Count The Ways You Can _____
1227. Let This ________ Work For You
1228. Literally Everything You Need To _____ by _____
1229. Little Known Ways to ________
1230. Maybe Your Next ________ Should Be ________
1231. New Concept in ________
1232. New Help For Not So ________
1233. Now You Can Have ________!
1234. Now You Can Instantly _____!
1235. Now You Can Learn The _____ Secrets That Created A _____!?For Free!
1236. Old Books Discovered That Unlock The Secrets Of Real _____
1237. Profit From The Wisdom Of Over __ ________
1238. Protect Yourself From ________
1239. Say YES, And Tomorrow You’ll Know How To ________
1240. See How Easily You Can ________
1241. See Why the Nasty Truth of Your _____ Cannot Tell A Lie!
1242. Shortcuts To Creating & Maintaining _____
1243. Should You ________?
1244. Shouldn’t You Start Your ________ Now…While Still ________?
1245. Stop Wasting Valuable _____ Time!!
1246. Stop wondering where your _____.
1247. Super _______ At Any _______
1248. The _____ Quickest Ways To Get More _____
1249. The How To ________ Of ________ With ________
1250. The #1 _____ Secret I Learned from Interviewing Over _____ _____
1251. The Amazing ________ Of A ________
1252. The Amazing ________ That’s Changing The ________
1253. The Amazing Lost ________ – Secret Of ________
1254. The Amazing Lost Money Secret Of _____
1255. The Answer To ________ Is A Simple One…
1256. The Art Of ________
1257. The Easiest Way to _____ Anything
1258. The Lowdown On ________
1259. The Machine That _____ While You Sit Back And Enjoy It
1260. The More ________ You Get The More ________
1261. The Secret Behind _____
1262. The Secret Of ________
1263. The Secret Of How ________ – And How You Can Do The Same
1264. The Secrets Steps To ________With ________
1265. The Shortcut To Eliminate ________
1266. The Shortest Path To ________
1267. The Wrong Way and the Right Way to ________
1268. There Is Still A Way You Can ________.
1269. There’s ________ in ________!
1270. These __ Secrets Can Help You ________
1271. Thousands Now _____ Who Never Thought They Could
1272. Turn Your ________ Into ________
1273. Turning ________ Into ________
1274. Unleash The Power Of _______ With _______
1275. Unlike Any _____ you’ve Ever _____.
1276. Using A ________ May Be Dangerous To Your Wealth
1277. We Broke The Rules? Finally a _______ without the Hassles.
1278. We guarantee you’ll _____ faster and better, or well refund your money
1279. What Have You Got To Show For The ________?
1280. What Is Your ________ Potential?
1281. When _____ Feel _____ This Is What They Do
1282. Who Else Wants To ________?
1283. Why have over _____ people ordered _____?
1284. Why Some ________ Almost Always ________
1285. With This ________, You Will Never Be ________
1286. You Can Only Go So Far On ________
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